Friday, November 11, 2005

Progress on our Community Project - The building of Twambuka Community School

In 2002 Nomad African Travel was established as a company in Zambia, as well as U.K. Investment in the country has involved the purchase of Liyoyelo Farm and Bushbuck River House approx 16 km. from Livingstone, where we have our African base and accommodation. One of the reasons for having a base in Africa has been to engage more closely with the local community and a project with The Coopers' and Company Coborn School has offered us fantastic opportunities.

In 2004 the school approached Nomad to organise a trip for them in Namibia. Each trip that they undertake involves fundraising in order to carry out a project. Whilst in Namibia they raised funds to support a project in Khaudom National Park, where the students built new road signs and refurbished hides, painting them with animal camouflage patterns.
The web page for this trip can be found at

Keen to return to Africa the school requested a second trip with us, this time involving a project which would be more focused on the community. The 2006 trip will start in Namibia and finish in Livingstone.

Our local area of settlement is called the Sindie area, which is widely scattered and rural, with no central focus. The Committee for Sindie Village was approached and they expressed a desire for a number of things, including a new school. There is a very basic school for the forty or so Sindie children, no more than mud floor and walls under a tin roof with a few benches for the children, but most importantly their teacher Romance Nasilele. It was therefore decided by the Coopers' School that this would be their focus for fund raising and when they arrive in Livingstone in August 2006 the 30 pupils and three staff from the school will help with what we hope will be the finishing touches to the school.
The school web site for the 2006 trip is

The building of the school is now underway and has provided 8 jobs for the community. The team of builders is headed by Foster Mweemba. His brother Emmanuel Mweemba is the bricklayer and they are supported by Stumbeko Nyambe, Felix Muhmenile, Arthur Pumulo, Mbiwa Mwananombe, Mubita Mutabani and Klvin Lekina.
Albert Chikutu from the Livingstone District Council planning department has helped with the red tape involved in getting things approved and marking out the site.

All the building work is done by hand as there is no electricity to the site. Sand is dug from the Sindie River bed and mixed with the cement before being formed into blocks in metal moulds, and the foundation trenches have been dug with pick and shovel. The first stages of building were in temperatures in the high thirties with no shade on site, so it has been tough going for the guys.

We have been waiting for rain since April and in the last two weeks it has arrived in abundance. The disadvantage to this however is that the site is becoming difficult to reach with delivery trucks. As the foundations are now complete and over 3000 blocks made, the ground will need to be termite treated before the next stage of construction. Once transport for the blocks can take place without getting stuck in the mud the walls can start to go up.

We would like to express our thanks to the following Nomad friends and clients for their fundraising, donations and other support to date. Without them this school would have remained a distant idea.

Pupils, staff, parents & governors of The Coopers' Company and Coborn School
Gaynor Williams
Mel and Peta Baird
Lillian Southwood
The Green family - Paula, Ian, Zoe and Heidi
Ralph & Ann McWilliam
Judy Scott
Tracy Smith
Lavinia Warrington
Linda & Philip Konioties
Diane Crowder
Wendy & Derek Singleton
Joy & Bill Brister
Kathryn & John Wright